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Presidents Letter 2018

Posted by khanomar on February 28, 2018 at 3:50 PM

Presidents letter 2018 February 26, 2018

Hello members,

The winter is fast coming to an end. It s time to start thinking about the upcoming tennis season.

The website ( has been updated as much as possible. Petya is in the process of developing her own website. There will be a link to her website from ours and you will be notified.

The Executives are pleased to announce that Petya has agreed to return to the club as Pro/Club and Court Manager.

Some important news.

We have received information from the City of Mississauga that bids have been requested from Irrigation Companies for the completion of the sprinkler renewal process.The City has been notified that the Spring Court preparation starts at about April 15 so it would be desirable to have most of the irrigation process completed by that time.

Also the Access Control Project (ACP) to secure our facility has made significant progress. All the necessary technical specifications have been completed on paper with 3 contractors.The clubs Vice-President, Paul Elias, has been instrumental in accomplishing this as Project Manager and will look after its implementation. His efforts are MUCH appreciated. The Access Proposal has been forwarded to the City for their approval.

When all goes according to plan the Access Control project should be in place by May 1. This involves the following changes to the 2 gates from the parking lot. The bi-leaf main gate will be removed. In its place there will be constructed a 7 foot high gate consisting of a dummy gate on the left and a pull out gate on the right. The entry will be controlled by a Reader which will activate a release mechanism by the way of a KeyFob. After entering the premise the gate will close automatically. The same mechanism will be installed on the gate from the parking lot to Court 1. Members will be required to purchase a KeyFob at a cost of $ 10. Couples and Families may want to purchase more than 1 KeyFob. The KeyFobs are fully refundable when returned in good working order. The KeyFobs can be purchased after the on-line renewal/registration has been completed. Immediately after that transaction the Member portal will appear. In the top right corner is an orange button with Purchase KeyFob on it. Please click on there and just follow the process. Pick up times for the Key Fobs will be announced at a later date.

For your information the Membership Fees are the same as last year.

Another project that we hope will be completed by May 1is the painting of the change rooms in the basement to a much lighter colour. Also the ventilation system will be improved. If Budget allows there may be an installation of a ceiling fan in the lounge.

The Programs for this upcoming season will remain the same. For details please check the PROGRAM menu in our website. Also check the CALENDAR for starting times.

The club will have 3 ICTA teams in the A,B and C Division.

Several OTA sanctioned tournaments will be held this season to increase our revenue.

There will be an Information/Registration/Renewal session at the club on Saturday April 21 and 28. Several Handbooks will be available for new and returning members. Also Petya will be present at both sessions to answer any questions regarding lessons, clinics and summer camps.

Note: Target day for Opening of the club is Sunday April 29.

Further information will be emailed to you later in April.

I hope to see all of you soon on the courts for another successful tennis season at our beautiful facility.

Danielle Over, President.

Presidents Letter Fall 2017

Posted by khanomar on October 16, 2017 at 9:20 AM

Hello members,

This season was my 4th term as President of CVTC. Your Executives have been able to bring about improvements to the club. (new kitchen, new deck furniture, upgraded washrooms). In short the club is looking well cared for. So therefore it is time to address the outstanding issue of controlled Access to protect the property. To place a lock on the gates has been proposed and approved during 3 previous AGM’s (2005, 2011 and 2013). However the funds were not available. In 2011 the clubhouse was broken into by damaging the French door. The intruders made a hole in the back fence behind the practise wall. Since then we have an alarm system.

In the last few years the club has been able to generate a surplus. We saved $ 5000 last year and again this season. That money is allocated for the City of Mississauga when the sprinkler system project has been completed. The club has still several thousands surplus to spend towards a controlled Access system.

For those of you who have had dealings with the City in your Executive function I can reassure you that the City is completely aware of our plans. There are no concerns about the upcoming renewal of Management & Operations agreement with the City. Other tennis clubs associated with the City have also NOT opened their gates to non-members. This access issue has been discussed. Perhaps a controlled , scheduled access could be arranged for a low usage time if needed. Also the access to our (public) washrooms has been resolved. There is no need for that. The City has promised to provide portable toilets in the park area for most of the summertime 2018. Of course the Community centre is open on Saturdays and Sundays. (Not on Holidays).

As the club is on City property there has to be proper access. The sliding gate on the North side has no height restrictions. It allows for big truck to pass. The front gate has to be modified for the lock installation. The front gate will have to become a single swing access gate. There is plenty of room left for disability access.

Your Executives are keen to install Access control with a Key FOB system in the near future.

1. Improved ClubHouse maintenance resulting from 100% Positive Members-Only Entry.

  • Key FOB Gate locks will restrict access to members only.
  • Washrooms and club house will be cleaner especially on the weekends by avoiding entry by park users.

2. Improved Clay court Maintenance.


  • Clay courts require continuing daily maintenance with brushing, rolling and sprinkling.
  • After it has been raining there are puddles on the courts. The courts are not playable and have to dry up for a few hours before work can start on them.
  • We have two methods of declaring the courts unplayable. First is the lock the gates and keep the club closed. Second is to place “CLOSED” tags on the non playable courts. This tag is also used for maintenance procedures. Sadly members have been seen to ignore this “CLOSED” tag on many occasions. Of course this leads to damage of the courts and higher maintenance costs.
  • A good, reliable and remotely activated Key FOB system is actually more important than for other hard court tennis clubs due to the mistaken belief that when there are no puddles on the courts , they are actually playable.

3. Helping Club President and Manager by Providing them with Productivity Tools.

  • Productivity tools are needed to prevent burn out for your Manager and President.
  • The President and the Manager will have Key FOB entry control with can be locked and unlocked remotely. Simply if there is a heavy downpour the Manager can lock the gate remotely. She will then go the club when it has stopped raining to assess what needs to bedone to make the courts playable again.


4. Proven Key FOB Technology is affordable, Easy and Quick for the members to use.


  • Every other club in Mississauga has gate locks to control access.
  • Only 2 clubs have the advanced Key FOB system - Bronte and ORC.
  • All other clubs have the old technology of the Unicon mechanical push button lock system, The weakness in that system is low security-members can simply tell their non-member friends the combination. Also for CVTC members can still have access to the courts whenthey are not playable and the club is actually closed.
  • The KeyFOB system is proven advanced and reliable technology-all new cars all new hotels use Key FOB’s for access.
  • Simply carry the KeyFOB in your tennis bag so it is always available and cannot be misplaced. It takes only 30 seconds to gain access by touching the KeyFOB to the electronic gate reader.
  • The price of the KeyFOB will be $ 20 max. It will be a separate charge outside your membership fee. If a member leaves the club a full refund will be given providing the KeyFOB is in good working condition.
  • When the Manager or Executive is at the club, the gate will be left open. This allows for many players NOT to have to purchase the KeyFOB if they do not wish so.


5. Key FOB system Will Actually Hold Down Future Club Operating Costs.


  • By controlling the Access there is an efficient system in place to prevent damage to the courts and damage to the club house.
  • We are in the process of getting three quotes from security companies. One is from Sonitrol Canada, supplier of Bronte TC, for $ 5000. This company will charge us also maintenance cost of $ 720 per year. The second and third proposal will come in the near future from First Security and Protection Plus. First Security has the advantage of offering the activation of the KeyFOB of or onsite by the Manager and President themselves therefore reducing the maintenance costs.


It is time for Credit Valley Tennis Club to join the other clubs and implements a state of the art KeyFOB Access system. The club has a surplus this year and the finances are carefully managed by your Executives. in other words ,we can afford it.

The goal is to implement this system during the wintertime in readiness for use in the Spring of 2018.

Of course , any concerns you still may have , will be addressed via email to

Please note I am out the country from September 19 till October 6 inclusive.

Enjoy the wonderful weather and our beautiful club.

Danielle Over, President


Presidents Letter 2017

Posted by khanomar on February 24, 2017 at 3:10 PM

February 24, 2017


Hello members of CVTC,



Although it is still winter, your Executives/Directors Team has been busy with the preparation for the upcoming season. We have welcomed Vivian Xiao as the new Treasurer for 2017.



First the good news. Deliberations with the City of Mississauga have resulted in the proposal that the City will organize the installation of an entirely new sprinkler system in the fall of 2017. The City is aware which sprinkler design would be best suited to the clubs needs. For tournament play that involves the versatility of being able to water one court at the time in a short period of time. This feature would otherwise unlikely be used on a daily basis. CVTC will have to contribute $ 10,000. to this project that probably will cost about $ 50,000. To alleviate the issue of the very dry courts 4 and 1, the City will install much better sprinkler-heads on these courts. The assessment /replacement will take place before the season starts. Also your team will also work on getting more hoses connected to the courts for hand watering by the members when they feel the need is there.



Mike Cristea will again look after the Spring Court Preparation in the last 2 weeks of April. Good news also is that we have a new Court Maintenance Team with Raj Mohare (member) as the Manager. He will have several assistants, Frank Brejnak (member) is one of them. We welcome back Petya as Tennis Professional. She will also have the position of Club and Office manager.



The website ( has been updated for the upcoming season except for the tennis professionals part. Please notice a new menu called SPECIAL EVENTS for easier access to all what CVTC has to offer outside the regular programs which are listed in the PROGRAMS menu. The ICTA Teams in the B and C Mixed league have not been ironed out yet . Further information will be send out to the participants from 2016 when this is available. Please check the CALENDAR menu for the latest updates on team tryouts for new members.



There will be INFORMATION/REGISTRATION days on the Saturdays of April 15, 22 and 29 from 1 to 4 pm. Your Executives will be present to advise you regarding our programs and provide you with a Handbook . There will be the opportunity to register again and accept your payment for the membership if not done on-line. Petya, the Tennis Professional will be present on April 15 and 29 to answer your questions regarding clinics, lessons and summer camps. You can also reach her at at



The on-line registration/payment system is now fully functional at in the JOIN menu and also via the link that will be emailed to all the members from 2016. Target Opening Day is April 29, courts readiness and weather permitting. Call 905-896-2629.



I am looking forward to see you soon at the club for another successful season!



Danielle Over, President.







President's Letter Spring 2016

Posted by Pamela Olley on April 3, 2016 at 4:10 PM

March 24, 2016


Now that the last snow has fallen, its time to look forward to the upcoming tennis season at


Credit Valley Tennis Club. The opening target date is April 30, further updates to follow.


The website: has been fully updated.

Also your payment per Visa for the renewal of your membership is working now.


For those of you that would like to pay in person or need help with the online renewal of your


membership, there is opportunity for this on Saturday April 16 from 11 am till 3 pm and also


during our Open House on Saturday April 23 and Sunday April 24 also from 11 am till 3 pm.


Petya our Pro/Manager will be present on the 23e to answer your concerns regarding clinics


and lessons.


Your Executives will try to address any of your questions regarding our programs/events.


Please visit on our website the updated PROGRAMS menu and in the submenu House League


and Special events to get information about upcoming events and more House League info.


As mentioned in an earlier letter, the kitchen renovation will continue with also the installation


of a tile floor. Thank you Klaus for all your efforts! Also the washrooms off the lounge will be


updated with new toilets, new basins, new mirrors and lighting.


When those projects have been completed it is time to paint the walls in the change rooms


downstairs. There are also plans to paint deck furniture and court benches.


For these paint projects volunteers are needed. Please consider lending a helping hand!


Please note that there will be 3 ICTA Teams playing this season in the A, B and C division.


Please check the CALENDAR menu for the Team tryouts.


Although your President will send out updates again about court conditions/ club closures


and so forth, please also call the club 905 896 2989 for updates.


I hope to see you all on the courts again soon!


Danielle Over, President



Presidents Report for 2015 season

Posted by Pamela Olley on December 6, 2015 at 10:30 PM

Presidents report for 2015


It was a very busy tennis season full of activities and tournaments. The member registration was

done with a newly acquired software program called Jegysoft which was quite a learning curve and a great deal of effort. However this program will be build on in the years to come and also will help to create easier access to other members contact information when allowed.

First of all I want to thank Petya , the Pro/Manager for all her hard work this season. There were many challenges for her, starting with the sprinkler system that needed many repairs, issues with other damages to the property due to the new court light installation, most of them got repaired. She did an excellent job maintaining the courts, making new membership tags and

helped with the registration process after the season had started.


Also my special thanks for the volunteers who helped with various repairs and maintenance issues: Harvey Sadowick for organizing the new water tank in the ladies change room and he also bought the hoses for court 3 and 6. Jack Olsen for installing new valves to the water outlet for these hoses. John Beke for helping me repairs loose parts in the cedar outdoor chairs.

Klaus Pflug for repairing the patio tables and for installing the new kitchen base in the near future. Klaus also replaced the damaged 2 by 4’s in several court side benches.


It was a busy season for the various programs:

The House league on monday evening was again a great success with the participation of

approximately 50 members. They had a special party on september 21 which was hosted by Ken Seto in my absence. Many thanks to Ken.

The wednesday evening Round Robin for new members 2014 and 2015 was well attended and

allowed the new members to integrate .

Also the friday evening Round Robin on a weekly basis established itself.

Bud Jones soldiered on with his Mixed Round Robins on sunday afternoons. Many thanks to Bud to continue this program.

The day time Round Robins on tuesday and friday morning were struggling a bit as members

seemed to have organized their own groups.


There were 2 Teams participating in the Inter County Mixed League. Unfortunately the Major league team suffered from lack of players and has been delegated to the A Division for next year. The C Team did well and was promoted to the B Division.

Due to the great interest in participating in the ICTA league the Executives have decided to have

3 ICTA Teams next season, that means 1 in the A, 1 in the B and 1 in the C Division.

Team tryouts will be held on the first available tuesday evening in May, please check your CALENDAR menu on the website in early May.


Also 2 new Tournaments were held this year , the National Selection for juniors 12 and under,

which was held in the first weekend of June. It provide great exposure for the club, it was a lot

of work for Pam Olley, the Tournament Director and myself.

Then Century Tournament was also organized by Pam. Held on the last saturday in August.

It was a Mixed Doubles format with combined ages of over 100, 120 and 140.

We were very pleased that many members also participated in this event! Many thanks to Gerda for providing most of the food and the setup, Denise for cleaning up.

The Tennis Access Tournament later in July was also well attended.

The club received many compliments from participants and parents with regards to the setting

and our beautiful facility.

The club championships were conducted in three categories with male participants only.

It seems that this year the ladies took a break from this event.

The winners are : Men’s Open Singles: George Virich

Men’s Open Doubles: Ivan Balic and Dan Deangelis

Men’s Over 50 singles: Hani Ayoub

Many thanks for Jack Olsen, Hani Ayoub and Petya for organizing this event!


Your Executives have made a start with some improvements to the clubhouse. The ladies change room has 2 new very colourful showers curtains and floor mats. We will soon have a new fridge and new kitchen base. The washrooms will get new toilets and vanities. Also new lights and mirrors. Also a new club sign has been made and will be hanging next spring in between the flag post and the Arbor Vitae bushes facing the parking lot.


As CVTC is largely run by volunteers (only Petya gets a salary) it is VERY important that

members realize how much work and effort it is to keep the club looking well cared for and

all the Programs well run!

Please consider lending a helping hand during the upcoming season when asked!


Stay warm and healthy during the winter season and I hope to see everyone of you again

as members next year!


Danielle Over, President


President's Letter Spring 2015

Posted by Pamela Olley on March 19, 2015 at 12:00 AM



It has been a very cold winter so far but this has not hampered the preparation for a great season of tennis, Your Executive has been busy integrating a new software program into

our website to allow for on line registration and program sign up. Advance registration will be simplified as well as the payment procedures during registration days at the club and throughout the season. The updated website should be ready by March 15, 2015. Please use the JOIN menu to register. You will also receive an email inviting you to register when the software is ready. Our website can be found at


Club Manager/Professional


Welcome back Petya!


Your Executives are very pleased that Petya Marinova will be joining us again for this season.

She again will offer 4 free Introductory Clinics to new members In May on Saturday afternoons

from 1 till 2 pm. Please connect with her to sign up at : early in

the season to not miss out on this wonderful opportunity.




The installation of the new LED lights is progressing well and should be finished by April 1, 2015. Apparently during the first year these lights will be working at 110% capacity and we are all looking forward to well lit courts!


Mike Cristea will again look after the spring court preparation in April. He will start as soon as

the courts are dry enough.




We are planning to introduce programs for new members, beginners and intermediate players.

A Wednesday evening Round Robin will be held during May specifically for new members from 2014 and 2015. Please sign up on line.


Also every 2nd Friday evening, alternating with the popular Pizza night, there will be a similar format specifically for new members, beginners and intermediate players. Please sign up on line for these events as Petya needs to know how many courts to book.


On Saturday afternoons from 3.30 till 5.30 pm we are introducing a men’s singles play for players with a 3.5 to 4 rating. We need a volunteer to run this.


On Sunday afternoons Bud Jones again will host the Mixed Round Robin from from 1:45 till 3:30

(please note change of times) No sign up is needed for this event.


The House League will again start in early June. Please check the calendar on our website for

rating evenings for new members. Also sign up on line is requested for this.



For additional details on all our programs and to stay up to date on current events and social

activities for this upcoming season, please visit the website regularly. Details can be found under PROGRAMS and CALENDAR.


We will have again two teams in the Inter County Tennis league. The Majors team will play their home games on Tuesday evenings and the second team (now in the C High Park Division) will be playing their home games on Thursday evenings. For these matches and Junior matches Saturday mornings you can check the calendar or the Intercounty League schedule.


For those of you interested in Team competition please indicate your interest on the program

application form for teams and come to the tryouts in early May, check the CALENDAR.



Opening Events


April 18 and 19 from 11 am till 3 pm there will be registration/payment opportunity and you will

receive your OTA membership card for all members without one. Also further information about

programs will be available at that time.


Further opportunity will be offered during our OPEN HOUSE on April 25 from 11am till 3 pm.

Our Pro/Manager will also be present at these opening events.


The Opening Day for the courts is May 1. (weather and court playability permitting)


Opening Day Round Robin and BBQ is planned for May 9 at 11 am, rain date is May 10.

Come out and join us!


Please open your Email messages from us for further news.


Hope to see you on the courts!




Danielle Over, President.