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Presidents Report for 2015 season

Posted by Pamela Olley on December 6, 2015 at 10:30 PM

Presidents report for 2015


It was a very busy tennis season full of activities and tournaments. The member registration was

done with a newly acquired software program called Jegysoft which was quite a learning curve and a great deal of effort. However this program will be build on in the years to come and also will help to create easier access to other members contact information when allowed.

First of all I want to thank Petya , the Pro/Manager for all her hard work this season. There were many challenges for her, starting with the sprinkler system that needed many repairs, issues with other damages to the property due to the new court light installation, most of them got repaired. She did an excellent job maintaining the courts, making new membership tags and

helped with the registration process after the season had started.


Also my special thanks for the volunteers who helped with various repairs and maintenance issues: Harvey Sadowick for organizing the new water tank in the ladies change room and he also bought the hoses for court 3 and 6. Jack Olsen for installing new valves to the water outlet for these hoses. John Beke for helping me repairs loose parts in the cedar outdoor chairs.

Klaus Pflug for repairing the patio tables and for installing the new kitchen base in the near future. Klaus also replaced the damaged 2 by 4’s in several court side benches.


It was a busy season for the various programs:

The House league on monday evening was again a great success with the participation of

approximately 50 members. They had a special party on september 21 which was hosted by Ken Seto in my absence. Many thanks to Ken.

The wednesday evening Round Robin for new members 2014 and 2015 was well attended and

allowed the new members to integrate .

Also the friday evening Round Robin on a weekly basis established itself.

Bud Jones soldiered on with his Mixed Round Robins on sunday afternoons. Many thanks to Bud to continue this program.

The day time Round Robins on tuesday and friday morning were struggling a bit as members

seemed to have organized their own groups.


There were 2 Teams participating in the Inter County Mixed League. Unfortunately the Major league team suffered from lack of players and has been delegated to the A Division for next year. The C Team did well and was promoted to the B Division.

Due to the great interest in participating in the ICTA league the Executives have decided to have

3 ICTA Teams next season, that means 1 in the A, 1 in the B and 1 in the C Division.

Team tryouts will be held on the first available tuesday evening in May, please check your CALENDAR menu on the website in early May.


Also 2 new Tournaments were held this year , the National Selection for juniors 12 and under,

which was held in the first weekend of June. It provide great exposure for the club, it was a lot

of work for Pam Olley, the Tournament Director and myself.

Then Century Tournament was also organized by Pam. Held on the last saturday in August.

It was a Mixed Doubles format with combined ages of over 100, 120 and 140.

We were very pleased that many members also participated in this event! Many thanks to Gerda for providing most of the food and the setup, Denise for cleaning up.

The Tennis Access Tournament later in July was also well attended.

The club received many compliments from participants and parents with regards to the setting

and our beautiful facility.

The club championships were conducted in three categories with male participants only.

It seems that this year the ladies took a break from this event.

The winners are : Men’s Open Singles: George Virich

Men’s Open Doubles: Ivan Balic and Dan Deangelis

Men’s Over 50 singles: Hani Ayoub

Many thanks for Jack Olsen, Hani Ayoub and Petya for organizing this event!


Your Executives have made a start with some improvements to the clubhouse. The ladies change room has 2 new very colourful showers curtains and floor mats. We will soon have a new fridge and new kitchen base. The washrooms will get new toilets and vanities. Also new lights and mirrors. Also a new club sign has been made and will be hanging next spring in between the flag post and the Arbor Vitae bushes facing the parking lot.


As CVTC is largely run by volunteers (only Petya gets a salary) it is VERY important that

members realize how much work and effort it is to keep the club looking well cared for and

all the Programs well run!

Please consider lending a helping hand during the upcoming season when asked!


Stay warm and healthy during the winter season and I hope to see everyone of you again

as members next year!


Danielle Over, President


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