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Presidents Letter Fall 2017

Posted by khanomar on October 16, 2017 at 9:20 AM

Hello members,

This season was my 4th term as President of CVTC. Your Executives have been able to bring about improvements to the club. (new kitchen, new deck furniture, upgraded washrooms). In short the club is looking well cared for. So therefore it is time to address the outstanding issue of controlled Access to protect the property. To place a lock on the gates has been proposed and approved during 3 previous AGM’s (2005, 2011 and 2013). However the funds were not available. In 2011 the clubhouse was broken into by damaging the French door. The intruders made a hole in the back fence behind the practise wall. Since then we have an alarm system.

In the last few years the club has been able to generate a surplus. We saved $ 5000 last year and again this season. That money is allocated for the City of Mississauga when the sprinkler system project has been completed. The club has still several thousands surplus to spend towards a controlled Access system.

For those of you who have had dealings with the City in your Executive function I can reassure you that the City is completely aware of our plans. There are no concerns about the upcoming renewal of Management & Operations agreement with the City. Other tennis clubs associated with the City have also NOT opened their gates to non-members. This access issue has been discussed. Perhaps a controlled , scheduled access could be arranged for a low usage time if needed. Also the access to our (public) washrooms has been resolved. There is no need for that. The City has promised to provide portable toilets in the park area for most of the summertime 2018. Of course the Community centre is open on Saturdays and Sundays. (Not on Holidays).

As the club is on City property there has to be proper access. The sliding gate on the North side has no height restrictions. It allows for big truck to pass. The front gate has to be modified for the lock installation. The front gate will have to become a single swing access gate. There is plenty of room left for disability access.

Your Executives are keen to install Access control with a Key FOB system in the near future.

1. Improved ClubHouse maintenance resulting from 100% Positive Members-Only Entry.

  • Key FOB Gate locks will restrict access to members only.
  • Washrooms and club house will be cleaner especially on the weekends by avoiding entry by park users.

2. Improved Clay court Maintenance.


  • Clay courts require continuing daily maintenance with brushing, rolling and sprinkling.
  • After it has been raining there are puddles on the courts. The courts are not playable and have to dry up for a few hours before work can start on them.
  • We have two methods of declaring the courts unplayable. First is the lock the gates and keep the club closed. Second is to place “CLOSED” tags on the non playable courts. This tag is also used for maintenance procedures. Sadly members have been seen to ignore this “CLOSED” tag on many occasions. Of course this leads to damage of the courts and higher maintenance costs.
  • A good, reliable and remotely activated Key FOB system is actually more important than for other hard court tennis clubs due to the mistaken belief that when there are no puddles on the courts , they are actually playable.

3. Helping Club President and Manager by Providing them with Productivity Tools.

  • Productivity tools are needed to prevent burn out for your Manager and President.
  • The President and the Manager will have Key FOB entry control with can be locked and unlocked remotely. Simply if there is a heavy downpour the Manager can lock the gate remotely. She will then go the club when it has stopped raining to assess what needs to bedone to make the courts playable again.


4. Proven Key FOB Technology is affordable, Easy and Quick for the members to use.


  • Every other club in Mississauga has gate locks to control access.
  • Only 2 clubs have the advanced Key FOB system - Bronte and ORC.
  • All other clubs have the old technology of the Unicon mechanical push button lock system, The weakness in that system is low security-members can simply tell their non-member friends the combination. Also for CVTC members can still have access to the courts whenthey are not playable and the club is actually closed.
  • The KeyFOB system is proven advanced and reliable technology-all new cars all new hotels use Key FOB’s for access.
  • Simply carry the KeyFOB in your tennis bag so it is always available and cannot be misplaced. It takes only 30 seconds to gain access by touching the KeyFOB to the electronic gate reader.
  • The price of the KeyFOB will be $ 20 max. It will be a separate charge outside your membership fee. If a member leaves the club a full refund will be given providing the KeyFOB is in good working condition.
  • When the Manager or Executive is at the club, the gate will be left open. This allows for many players NOT to have to purchase the KeyFOB if they do not wish so.


5. Key FOB system Will Actually Hold Down Future Club Operating Costs.


  • By controlling the Access there is an efficient system in place to prevent damage to the courts and damage to the club house.
  • We are in the process of getting three quotes from security companies. One is from Sonitrol Canada, supplier of Bronte TC, for $ 5000. This company will charge us also maintenance cost of $ 720 per year. The second and third proposal will come in the near future from First Security and Protection Plus. First Security has the advantage of offering the activation of the KeyFOB of or onsite by the Manager and President themselves therefore reducing the maintenance costs.


It is time for Credit Valley Tennis Club to join the other clubs and implements a state of the art KeyFOB Access system. The club has a surplus this year and the finances are carefully managed by your Executives. in other words ,we can afford it.

The goal is to implement this system during the wintertime in readiness for use in the Spring of 2018.

Of course , any concerns you still may have , will be addressed via email to

Please note I am out the country from September 19 till October 6 inclusive.

Enjoy the wonderful weather and our beautiful club.

Danielle Over, President


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