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Presidents Letter 2018

Posted by khanomar on February 28, 2018 at 3:50 PM

Presidents letter 2018 February 26, 2018

Hello members,

The winter is fast coming to an end. It s time to start thinking about the upcoming tennis season.

The website ( has been updated as much as possible. Petya is in the process of developing her own website. There will be a link to her website from ours and you will be notified.

The Executives are pleased to announce that Petya has agreed to return to the club as Pro/Club and Court Manager.

Some important news.

We have received information from the City of Mississauga that bids have been requested from Irrigation Companies for the completion of the sprinkler renewal process.The City has been notified that the Spring Court preparation starts at about April 15 so it would be desirable to have most of the irrigation process completed by that time.

Also the Access Control Project (ACP) to secure our facility has made significant progress. All the necessary technical specifications have been completed on paper with 3 contractors.The clubs Vice-President, Paul Elias, has been instrumental in accomplishing this as Project Manager and will look after its implementation. His efforts are MUCH appreciated. The Access Proposal has been forwarded to the City for their approval.

When all goes according to plan the Access Control project should be in place by May 1. This involves the following changes to the 2 gates from the parking lot. The bi-leaf main gate will be removed. In its place there will be constructed a 7 foot high gate consisting of a dummy gate on the left and a pull out gate on the right. The entry will be controlled by a Reader which will activate a release mechanism by the way of a KeyFob. After entering the premise the gate will close automatically. The same mechanism will be installed on the gate from the parking lot to Court 1. Members will be required to purchase a KeyFob at a cost of $ 10. Couples and Families may want to purchase more than 1 KeyFob. The KeyFobs are fully refundable when returned in good working order. The KeyFobs can be purchased after the on-line renewal/registration has been completed. Immediately after that transaction the Member portal will appear. In the top right corner is an orange button with Purchase KeyFob on it. Please click on there and just follow the process. Pick up times for the Key Fobs will be announced at a later date.

For your information the Membership Fees are the same as last year.

Another project that we hope will be completed by May 1is the painting of the change rooms in the basement to a much lighter colour. Also the ventilation system will be improved. If Budget allows there may be an installation of a ceiling fan in the lounge.

The Programs for this upcoming season will remain the same. For details please check the PROGRAM menu in our website. Also check the CALENDAR for starting times.

The club will have 3 ICTA teams in the A,B and C Division.

Several OTA sanctioned tournaments will be held this season to increase our revenue.

There will be an Information/Registration/Renewal session at the club on Saturday April 21 and 28. Several Handbooks will be available for new and returning members. Also Petya will be present at both sessions to answer any questions regarding lessons, clinics and summer camps.

Note: Target day for Opening of the club is Sunday April 29.

Further information will be emailed to you later in April.

I hope to see all of you soon on the courts for another successful tennis season at our beautiful facility.

Danielle Over, President.

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