Club Championships


Club Championships

Every year we have our Club Championships in August and September.

Dates are pre set at the beginning of every year and the playing times are decided by our Tournament Executive and our Club Manager/Pro.

Members are able to log into their accounts and register for the Club Championships online. 

There is a $10 entry fee per player for each one of the categories that he/she wants to enter. That can be paid directly on line once the tournament is entered and the entry has been approved, or paid by cash directly to our Club Manager either in person or my dropping and envelope with the entry fee through the office door mail slot.

On the day of the matches, both players or teams are required to bring a new can of balls. One can is used for the match and the winner takes the other new can with them for the next match.

Here are the dates and categories for our Club Championships:

Mix Doubles Club Championships: TBA

Ladies Singles Club Championships: TBA

Ladies Doubles Club Championships: TBA

Men’s Open Singles Club Championships: TBA

Men’s Open Doubles Club Championships: TBA

Men’s Over 50 Singles Club Championships: TBA

Men’s Over 50 Doubles Club Championships: TBA

During the finals for the Men’s Open Singles and Men’s Over 50 Doubles, we will have a BBQ for all members and a trophy presentation for all the winners in all the categories. Date TBA at a later time.



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