Club Rules


  • Members in good standing can book the courts and play (membership fee paid and no outstanding payments on the account).


  • Members can book a court at any time during the day in order to secure play time for the following day via online booking portal.


  • Only members can book a court for their fellow playing members and themselves – no substitution of names or guests are allowed.


  • First and last names of all players must appear on the booking.


  • Guests are welcome to play at the Club when accompanied by a member. It is a member’s responsibility to book and pay the required fee for their guest(s) within 30 minutes of the online booking – otherwise the booking will be cancelled.


  • A member may book multiple courts in the same day provided there is a 2 hour non-playing window between the end of play and the beginning of the next play.


  • A solo member is permitted to book a 30-minute session for themselves.


  • Two or three members are permitted to book a court for either 30 minutes or 60 minutes.


  • Four members are permitted to book a court for a minimum of 30 minutes up to a maximum of 90 minutes.NOTE: Two 60-minute single bookings CANNOT create 2 hours of doubles play time.


  • A confirmed online booking takes precedence over the occupancy of a court by a member who has not booked it (e.g. stayed past end of booking time, walk-ins).


  • After completing play, members are required to brush the court. Cleaning the white lines is optional. Brushing of the court occurs at the start of the next booking slot. If the players following your time do not wish the court to be brushed, you may leave the court without brushing. If there are no other members following your play time, the court MUST BE BRUSHED.




    1. Appropriate tennis attire is required.


    1. Non-marking shoes must be worn.




    Please be respectful and mindful of others.


    1. No spectators are allowed on the courts


    1. Food and smoking are not permitted on the courts


    1. No littering – use garbage and recycling bins located outside of the court. Aluminum lids from the tennis ball cans must be recycled.


    1. Loud conversations, abusive language and outbursts of anger are not permitted.


    1. Maximum 6 balls in play at any given time.


    1. Coaching baskets are to be used on courts 7 and 8 only. When using baskets, ensure screen divider is closed.


    1. No outside coaching is allowed – unless authorized by Club’s Tennis Pro.


    1. On a daily basis, court maintenance and watering will be scheduled. During this time, play is not permitted unless authorized.




    1. Courts must be claimed within 20 minutes of the booking start time or a “no show” penalty fee of $10 will be applied to the booking member’s account. No fee will be applied if other courts are available during the same play time.


    1. Court cancellation can be made online up to 1 hour prior to the start of the booked play time.


    1. Cancellations made less than 1 hour prior to the booked play time will incur a late cancellation fee of $10 that will be applied to the booking member. Fees will only be applied if there are no other courts available during that particular playing time. NOTE:Members will not be allowed to make another online court booking until outstanding balances are paid in full.


    1. When the courts are closed due to inclement weather or other reasons, bookings will automatically be cancelled by Jegysoft. An e-mail notification will be sent to members scheduled on the booked court. Paid guest fees will be credited on the booking member’s account to be used on a future date.