1. The member that is booking the court can book it with his/her own tag only and has to remain at the club until the playing time comes. The playing partner(s) has/have to place their own tag(s) on the same court prior to the playing time commences.

2. Members may only book a court which themselves will occupy. Booking courts for friends is not allowed.

3. Note that all members are required to brush the entire court after playing. Brushing the lines is optional (except at the end of the day). If the party that is following your time period does not wish the court to be brushed, you may leave the court without brushing. If there is nobody following your play time, you must brush.

4. “SPLIT DOUBLES” are NOT allowed on courts 4-8. Which means 2 members of a foursome are not allowed to book one court or playing time and the other two members place their tags on another court or the following playing time.
“SPLIT DOUBLES” are only allowed on courts 1-3. That will give a foursome the ability to book the court for 1.5 hrs by putting 2 tags at the first playing time and putting the other 2 tags on the following playing time.

5. When 4 players occupy a court, 4 tags must be on the booking board including guest tags if playing with a guest.

6. Players may NOT leave the court early to tag on another court until their current playing time has expired.

7. If the court you are tagged onto is vacant, you may go on 15 minutes earlier and leave your tag where it is for an extra playing time. If more than 15 minutes remain, you must tag for the period of time previous to the time you are tagging.  

8. Players are allowed to tag onto the court next to them if their playing time has expired and no one of the group has bothered to retag.

9. When the courts are very busy, it is requested that an attempt should be made to play doubles with players that have similar tennis abilities.

10. Please remove your tags from the booking board after finishing play and place them on the member board.

11. Juniors have booking privileges all day on weekends. On weekdays juniors have booking privileges between 11am and 5pm and up until 6:30pm if they are playing with an adult. At all other times juniors may use the courts if they are not booked by adults but should relinquish the courts upon request by 2 adults. Juniors with Adult Privileges have no restrictions.

12. When courts are available, you must tag up on an empty court rather than on a court that members are playing on even if their playing time has expired and they have not yet retagged themselves.

13. When CLOSED tags are put up on the board, DO NOT remove or play on that court. That means the court is closed for whatever reason (maintenance, watering, ect.).


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